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9000 Series Carpet
9001 Black
9004 Maroon
9005 Dark Blue
9008 Blue
9011 Cafe Latte
9012 Brown
9013 Mocha
9014 Camel
9016 Silver
9017 Med Dark Grey
9018 Salt & Pepper
9020 Storm Grey
9025 Titanium
9029 Tan

9400 Series Carpet
9401 Black
9405 Dark Blue
9411 Cafe Latte
9413 Mocha
9416 Silver
9420 Storm Grey
9425 Titanium
9429 Tan

Flexform 1
Flexform 2
Automotive Trunklining
flexform carpet Flexform Carpet 2 Flexform automotive trunklining



Available carpet styles:

- 100% Nylon cut pile
- 80/20 loop pile for older cars
- 100% Nylon loop pile for older cars
- Easily molded vinyl mat (used on early pickup trucks)

When placing your molded carpet order the following information is necessary:

Make, model and year of vehicle
Body style (sedan, coupe, hardtop, wagon, etc.)
Number of doors
Column or floor shift
Automatic or Manual
Bench or bucket seats
With or without console
Carpet material wanted (original cut pile, 80/20, etc.)
Color wanted

All molded carpet sales are final and cannot be returned.


Ozite Multipile Auto Carpet

We also carry Ozite Multipile Auto Trim Carpet. Ozite Multipile carpet is made from eco-fi high-quality polyester fiber which comes from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Some of the qualities of this carpet are:

- Non-woven fabric will not fray or unravel
- Excellent colorfastness and UV protection
- High heat resistance
- Exceptionally plush, uniform appearance
- Cuts easily into any chape
- Resists stains, mold and mildew
- High resistance to gas, oil and salt
- Available in 40" and 80" standard width rolls.

Please see the samples below for color choices:

Black Burgundy Charcoal Cinder
Grey Lava Medium Blue Medium Dark Oak
Medium Graphite Medium Parchment Medium Praire Tan Mocha
Navy Ocean Blue Pewter Scarlet

Heel Pad Choices can be seen by clicking the thumbnail below:


Hushmat is a vibration damping & thermal insulation material measuring 1/8” thick and 0.47-0.50 lb per square foot pressure-sensitive, constrained-layer damping material which has excellent adhesion for many difficult to-bond-to substrates such as oily steel, automotive E-coat, primers, finishes, laminated and chopper-gun fiberglass and many plastics, including polypropylene. The aluminum foil constraining layer and specially formulated visco-elastic polymer layer combine to give effective vibration damping and outstanding thermal insulating properties over a wide temperature range. HushMat, through its proprietary chemistry, provides outstanding thermal insulation for hot firewall, trunk floor over the hot exhaust and tunnel applications. Enjoy the Cool, Quiet and Comfortable ride with HushMat.

HushMat requires no surface cleaning/ preparation or heat guns to install

Withstands temperatures from -30 degrees up to +400 degrees Fahrenheit

Proven to lower thermal transfer by over 40%

NO surface prep - no alcohol or acetone wash needed

No installation tools required

Self Adhesive peel and stick – no secondary glue

Trims with razor knife or household scissors

Installs in 1/2 the time versus other brands

Available in Silver or Black Foil

HushMat is provided in 12” x 23” rectangular or 12” x 12” square sheets and can be easily hand-cut with scissors or a utility knife for special configurations. Purchase the economy bulk pack or treat any area of your vehicle with any of the following HushMat kits.